About us

Hi there!


We are an amazing group of trainers, assessors and people lovers.  We are committed to education that results in empowering people’s choices in career pathways, igniting passions, lifting self-esteem and unleashing people’s true potential.


Marika has an undeniable passion for bringing out the best in the people around her along with her all of her staff and trainers. The magic of the Phoenix bird represents our capacity for vision.


We get it… people’s lives can be disrupted by taking paths to nowhere, we can all get lost in our vision of what is right for us.  It takes passion, desire and commitment to stay focused on creating what we want in our lives.


This is where we come in…. Let Phoenix help you find that vision again, wake up that passion and desire and commit to simply focus on your life.


Our trainers are selected by their industry expertise and their personal commitment and drive to make a difference in people’s lives.  If they don’t care as much as we do… they are just not the right trainer for us.


We believe we can help you discover your true potential through learning.  The choices in pathways play a major role in your career directions, your job satisfaction,  your health,  your financial security and your self-respect.


Training and Learning without passion, is just empty… We work with people and organisation to discover that passion.  To unleash your desire to be successful, to believe in your own abilities, and to give you the capacity for vision in your own career.


Let Phoenix guide your pathway to rise in your career.